[Downloading the game is highly recommended to reduce lag.]

Play as a plague doctor from the middle ages, where a calcium deficiency has turned everyone to zombies. You have discovered that milk is the only way to bring them back from the dead.

The goal is to shoot zombies with milk to turn them into humans, while also protecting the humans from getting bit and turning back into zombies.

You can use the money you earn to buy new guns in the shop, which will allow you to tackle harder levels. If you make it far enough, you can take on the brutes...


The Milkhemist Mac.zip 42 MB
The Milkhemist Windows x86.zip 30 MB
The Milkhemist Windows x86_64.zip 33 MB

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is it just me or is this game looking kinda THICC



Well, this was fun! Nicely done ^^


this game is well made, and really good

ayy this is pretty good! It goes from 0-100 real quick XDDD

well i was in the team but i quit after 2 minutes bc i was stressed lol

milk gang is very proud

I ma going to play this game because i am board and because I watch dani


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woah dude, thanks for playing!

daym i onlocked the last gun haha

GG.  Thanks for playing lol


i love the theme you are going on,and this game will probably win but the only thing is the artstyle of the plague doctor didn't match with the atstyle of the zombies.

if you manage to clear the zombies before a wave, the level completes itsel

woah! You must be really good at the game because i can't even do that, that's some skilled gameplay.

Yeah, we realized that. It's fixed now.

Deleted 2 years ago

thanks man. glad to hear u like it.

Thank you! We really appreciate it.

I have played exactly one game this jam and this is  by far the best one of them 


Thank you?